About Me

About this Website & The Journey:
The purpose of this website is to share my journey with the world as I generate consistent daily profits by trading forex.

– Daiy Target: $200
– Monthly Target: $3500-4500
– Duration of Challenge: 6 Months.
Start/End Dates:   5-Aug-2015  to  31-Jan-2016.

Start-up Capital:
– Account Funding:  $5000.
– Thomson Reuters Subscription (3 Months): $2400.
Total:  $7400

– Broker: Pepperstone.com (Edge Account);
– Initial Deposit: USD $5000/=
– Trading Platform: Meta Trader4.
– Leverage on Main Account: 1:400.
– Leverage on Profit Account: 1:500.

– Meta Trader 4;
– Thomson Reuters Eikon;
– Market Watch; (rarely)
– Any/Every news source that is easily accessible on my mobile.

Modus Operandi:
– Transfer $200 from Main account to Profit account as soon as account balance exceeds $5200. This way, under any market circumstances, my profit account is never threatened.

About Me:
My name is Muhammad Omair. I reside in Pakistan. I have 10+ years in-depth experience in agri-commodities trading. My work in international trade involves exposure to different commodities/currencies, hedging and volatility that comes with every business.

Lately, I have been trading forex as a side venture. This project is a challenge to myself to earn $200 a day on an average by trading forex consistently for 6 months.

I will use a new account at Pepperstone.com with initial fund of $5000/=. There’ll be no re-funding. If I loose this money, that’s it. I wrap up this challenge.

From time to time I will be posting screenshots of my current open positions and day end profit & loss position.

All questions/queries are welcome. Just drop me an email at trade@pipmoney.com

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